Tuesday, June 16

PizzaGirl Crash Course

I've noticed a few new readers recently, so to keep you from having to slog through all my old entries, here's my top 10 most memorable blog posts:

First Day on the Job - in which the PizzaGirl dream of high tips is born
11/8 A Real Gift From the Pizza Gods - in which I get an almost $20 tip
11/12 Pepper Spray at the Ready - in which I get my pepper spray out (but don't have to use it)
11/22 Should I Mind My Own Business - in which I call the cops on a domestic dispute
12/14 Bye Bye Bunny - in which I run over a bunny and write it a (bad) poem
1/30, 31 An Accident, A Dog, and the SuperBowl - in which I rear end a crazy lady
2/4 Bambi Bopper's Big Cut-Station Debut - in which I see a comedy of errors
2/9 A Eulogy (of sorts) - in which StinkyButtFace finally gets fired
3/13 Mini Meltdown - in which I have a panic attack at work
6/5 Mischief Managed, a dong, and ?Robot Romance? - in which I engage in rogue marketing and see a customer's penis


PulseYou said...

Although i dont carry pepper spray, ive had a few incidents where ive clenched my fist in case a delivery goes a little awry...

mkreckel86 said...

There was a time when a bunch of robberies where happening around town and I filled out a application for a license to carry a firearm but never sent it in cause it was going to be my last resort.

Anonymous said...

How about a glossary... the Boppers are all non-drivers?

Anonymous said...

lol, I just slogged through all of the old posts! But it was worth it :) I just started as a pizza delivery girl, so it's awesome to read about your experiences. Except in Australia tips aren't expected, they're just an added bonus sometimes, so the pay it pretty crap... I'm trying to work out if it's worth it or not :)

Unknown said...

PulseYou & DeliveryBOY: I don't think people realize how dangerous our job is sometimes. If you haven't already, Kevin, a delivery driver in Cleveland actually foiled a robbery attempt. He also blogs about his deliveries.

Yes, Boppers are non-drivers (comes from the fact that most of them are in highschool and therefore Teenyboppers). They are mostly interchangeable.

Glad to hear you're going to be delivering pizza. I don't know how delivery is in Australia, so I hope you let us know. Are you going to be blogging or Twittering about it? If you are, make sure to let me know, I'd love to follow you.