Monday, June 22

6/18 - 6/21 20 hour weekend (part 2)

Things that amused me:
  • Listening to "Dance With Somebody" by Mondo Daio on repeat for four hours. At the end of it I could swear that my brain waves were patterned after that song. And I'm still not tired of it!
  • A gentleman customer wearing a giant ring that was encrusted in sparklies (I don't know if they were diamonds or not).
  • Getting all of the prep done on Saturday before noon.
  • Tightening my belt another notch and feeling like I look hot in my uniform.
  • Seeing a lady walking her neighborhood wearing a face-mask two days in a row.
  • Knowing ahead of time that my tip is only $2 so when I accidentally dropped their soda I got my vengeance by not telling them about it. They get the service they pay for!
  • Delivering to a hot chick wearing a bikini.
Things that did not amuse me:
  • Neighborhoods where the houses are numbered in 4s. It messes with my sense of distance and is a pretentious marketing ploy anyway (trying to trick people into thinking they are buying "double lots")
  • Not being able to think of anything good to Damn the Man when I was left in the store completely unsupervised Saturday morning. Normally I'm a bottomless pit of ideas, but I refuse to mess with the food (because that's the one thing that I will never ever do no matter how tempted I am) and I didn't have an accomplice.
  • Getting chased to my car twice, once because the kid tried to pocket my tip and the parents sent her out to my car with it, the second when they sent the kid to the door, I sent him in with the receipt and my pen, and he returned sans pen, then chased me to the car with my pen.
  • Robot Bopper was told by a customer to instruct me that if no one answered the door to just leave the pizza on the porch. I gave him a good lecture on telling customers no. Then told MonkeyWrench who told him to call the customer back and make sure they would be home and he turned around and delegated to Bambi who actually made the call. This was the one that almost stole my pen (at least they tipped 5).
  • Heat exhaustion from letting myself get overheated and stay that way for far too long on Saturday. Gave me a migraine Sunday morning.
  • Being questioned on the completeness of an order after getting tipped only a dollar. It was an online order, the order matches my driver slip, ergo the order is complete and any mistakes were not my fault or the stores fault. Check your fucking confirmation email!
Thursday: $37 off 9
Friday: $39 off 8
Saturday: $91 off 27 (tying my record for most deliveries in one shift)
Sunday: $43 off 12

Pictures: haven't retrieved them off my iPhone yet, but I'll do an all picture post sometime mid-week.

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PulseYou1 said...

seems like you had a ni$e weekend!