Sunday, June 28

6/26 9 Deliveries

I'm finally getting around to writing about my Friday night. It was the only night I worked this week because I had to work at my primary job on Thursday night and went to a rave on Saturday night. Before my shift Friday night I got rear-ended at a stoplight by some chick who smelled like weed and was driving her daddy's Mustang. Luckily there was only some scuffs in my paint and she was really lucky to have rear-ended the one understanding person on the road (I haven't hit anybody in 5 months!).

Friday night I took 9 deliveries for $25. The air conditioning in the store can't keep up, so it is constantly really hot. El Jefe put up a bunch of fans which are really just waiting for me to trip over the cords. My first delivery was to a house with a lot of vegetation all of which was deliberate but a little overgrown in that summery charming summer cottage kind of way, the kind overgrown you'd see in a painting. Of course, overgrown means lots and lots of bugs; butterflies, flies, crickets, cicadas, etc. I am terrified of bugs though I've gotten better about them now that I've been forced to deliver at night with the moths and junebugs. I would like to think that I've progressed to the point where I could let a butterfly land on me without stripping a gear trying to get away from it (though I can't really be sure of that). The main problem with the vegetation (besides it being very thick on the porch, i.e. right next to the door) was that they had a vine archway over the sidewalk. I'm usually very determined to use whatever walkway is there for getting to the front door instead of walking through the yard, so I braved the vine arch even though I could hear the cicadas in it.

Other than that I got stiffed twice, which was no fun. I'm glad I got to work one shift though.

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