Tuesday, January 3

What I've Been Up To

 I have been up to...

 ...making Mac and Cheese from Damon's recipe.  For the second batch we added a couple of drops of hot sauce to the the sauce and it transcended this plane of existence.

...laughing at historical markers.  Just read the last sentence on that one.  It's outside the library in Bandera, Tx.  It was written in 1968, so it's hard to get too offended.

...playing frisbee golf beside the Bandera River.  The frisbee golf was only mildly successful, but the river had just enough water in it to be gorgeous.  It wasn't flowing, but I hear that not too long ago there wasn't even this much water in it.

...adventuring and eating pizza at Goomba's Pizza in Helotes, Tx.  This was their white pizza and the crust was absolutely fabulous.  Unlike the white pizza from Giovanni's, the olive oil and spices gave the crust that perfect buttery flavor.