Best Of...

[This area is a work in progress (I am digging through over two hundred posts after all!)]
First Day On The Job - really, the start of it all
What A Day - the story about the girls dressed like hookers is one of my favorite "crazy stories".  In truth they had been talking to Manwhore Manager on the phone and were obviously anticipating him at the door.  He made sure to tell me to tell him if they were hot or not (I made sure to tell him that they were very very underage rendering hotness moot).
The Last I'll Say on Tipping - yes, I'm linking this again, because, especially if you're not part of the chorus I'm preaching to, you need to read it over and over again until it sinks in and you either tip or go pick up your own pizza
The Worst Night or The Fallen - my worst night EVER delivering pizza
I Should Tell You I'm Disaster - I get very personal about my 18 months delivering pizza, what led me there, and what I learned