Friday, November 18

Give a Delivery Guy A Hug

Last Saturday, while hanging out with my gaming group, we decided to order pizza from Papa Johns.  I have often joked (half-joked really) that when I was delivering there were nights where I would have given anything for a hug.  It wasn't just shitty tippers, it was traffic and jerk managers and pouring rain.  So when we ordered pizza I volunteered to do the paying (and yes we tipped him $5) and I offered the delivery guy a hug.  He looked pretty down but I would have offered the hug anyway.  He declined but after explaining that 3 of us in the group were former delivery drivers (our fourth, current delivery driver, wasn't there that night) he agreed and I gave him a hug.

So there is now a driver out there in Austin that has one more interesting story.