Wednesday, November 30


Dear Client! We have to inform you that payments for contractors' services were insufficient.
Thus, we are sending the report and the amount details in the attachment.


Dear prettybluepisces.apizzagirl, our accountant informed me that in the bill you processed, the invalid account number had been specified.

Please be guided by instructions in the attachment to fix it up.

Monday, November 28

Urgent Alert

Dear prettybluepisces.apizzagirl, we have detected a suspicious money ATM withdrawal from your card.
For your security, we have temporarily blocked the card.
All the details are in the attachment. Please open it when possible.

Monday, November 21


Hey there. I transferred money to your account. Please check it out at the earliest possible moment.
For that, open the receipt I've attached.


Friday, February 22

Pizza Adventuring

The Pluto pizza from Blue Dog Pizza

I am back to blogging (at least a little) after a year's hiatus at Austin Pizza Adventuring.

If you haven't visited it before, my friend Ian and I set out in 2010 to try every pizzeria in the Austin area. Nearly 3 years later and we've been to over 50 (with just a few duplications).  Life got in the way for a year or so, but we're back and covering the Austin pizza scene.

Our latest adventures:

#55 Pinthouse Pizza - a new restaurant capitalizing on the explosion of interest in craft breweries in Austin and pairing it with decent pizza

#56 Blue Dog Pizza - an example of another trend, trailer food