Tuesday, April 12

An Unofficial Pizza Adventure. Featuring: Beer in a Paper Bag

I often end up getting pizza even when I'm not on an official adventure and last week my beau and I walked down to his local neighborhood take-out pizzeria for some nourishment.

The wonderful thing about being on an unofficial adventure, is that I can drink a Lone Star tall-boy out of a paper bag while we wait for the pizza.  Lone Star, if you don't know, is the official beer of Texas (and if it isn't I offically hereby declare it to be so).  It's awesome because it's cheaper than PBR, watered down (and therefore highly inefficient at getting the average person drunk), and available everywhere.  In fact, the only thing I've ever seen beat it in price is the Miller High Life (which is still better tasting than PBR).  This was my only my second foray into the "beer in a bag" way of life, the first time being last summer at the Official Hey Star Trek party at the Star Trek convention (sadly, I think it was the first and last Official Hey Star Trek convention party, but that also means that it was the best parking lot party I've ever been to) and if memory serves me correct, that party was sponsored by the High Life.

Mama's* first beer in a bag.
Mama's second beer in a bag.

Anywho... mildly tipsy we get to the pizza joint and they didn't seem to know their own menu, but the banter around getting our garlic butter sauce changed to garlic bread was amusing.  Apparently they didn't know how to make the garlic bread on the menu.  Actually, they seemed to not quite comprehend that they had garlic bread on the menu.  All that aside, the garlic bread they whipped up was pretty tasty; a sub (they also sell subs) roll cut in half, spread with the garlic butter sauce, and run through the oven (they have one of the conveyor belt types).

The pizza was also pretty tasty.  It was run-of-the mill no-surprises delivery style pizza, but they used real garlic and didn't skimp on the onions, so I was happy with it.  The sauce wasn't too sweet or over-spiced.  The crust wasn't crisp, but it held up well with all the toppings.

*Sounded better than "Baby's first beer in a bag.