Friday, December 9

Unofficial Adventure: Via 313 Pizza

Yesterday I was hanging out on Twitter wondering what I was going to do with the $20 bill that's been burning a hole in my pocket (if you follow me you know that I haven't had two nickels to rub together lately, literally, I spent all of my $5 in change on gas) and I saw that Via 313 Pizza was having a soft opening.

Via 313 Pizza is the new trailer by the guys who do Pizza Hunt.  Besides Pizza Hunt being the apples to Pizzadventuring's oranges, they are super-nice dudes who have an absolute passion for pizza and its simplicity.  They come from Detroit and after trying lots of places in Austin they knew that there's nothing around here anything like Detroit-style pizza (cooked in industrial pans, cheese right up on the crust, thick drizzle of sauce over the top).

I went prepared to be honest.  We're all pizza bloggers here and I knew that if there was something that was off about the pizza they would want to know.  I am glad to say that I could not find a single thing to criticize.  The crust was greasy and heavy and had one of the best crunches that I've ever had on a pizza.  The cheese was a great tasting blend and the sauce was perfect; it was simple with just enough spice to say, "Hey, I'm more than just tomatoes, thought you ought to know, hope you enjoy your slice."

I can't wait to get out for an official pizza adventure and see what Ian thinks, but in the mean time I'll be adding this to the list of pizza that I recommend whenever people talk to me about pizza.