Wednesday, April 29

Mid-Week Fun

There is now at Primary Job, my sanctuary from pizza insanity, a defected manager from my chain who apparently knows El Jefe. He also doesn't want me to tell El Jefe that he now works here because he hasn't told Pizza Chain that he doesn't work there anymore. Fun! Not that I talk to El Jefe that much, but it puts a little damper on stuff because this blog isn't exactly a secret at Primary Job and I definitely do not want El Jefe to read this stuff. Not really that most of it would come as a surprise (in fact, some of the juiciest bits of gossip don't even make it onto here due to the fact that people that actually know me read this and I'm not always a good PizzaGirl), it's more that I need a place to come and rant away from everything else; away from the Boppers and ManWhore and managers and drivers.

On unrelated news, I finally caught up with old Slice stuff and found a hilarious JoBros video about falling in love with a pizza girl. It is sooooo obvious that the whole song was conceived while they were very very baked (pun intended) but had me ROFLMAO. Check out the link in my Twitter.

Monday, April 27

4/26 That's What I Get For Helping

I haven't been working much lately, mostly because I've been more than happy to go home early (very early, before I start my shift early), but also because I'm not scheduled six days a week anymore.

News Catch-up: Other Chick Driver didn't end up quitting, MonkeyWrench is training as a manager (which she totally deserves), Bambi Bopper has taken to wearing white(ish) jeans instead of our regulation khaki (don't even get me started!), we have a new driver (no nickname yet) and some more new boppers

I took 2 deliveries on Saturday (made $8) and 7 deliveries yesterday (made $26).

My most interesting (and frustrating) delivery was to a woman who, upon hearing the total, realized that the discount for the "special" wasn't entered. I, being the lovely, wonderful, courteous driver that I am, promptly called the store on my cell and had them correct the matter, saving her $6, for which I was rewarded with the change from her $20, a grand total of $1 + change. WTF?!!!!!!!!! I wanted to kick something. I could have left the total as is, told her to pay up or I would take it back to the store, made her call the store and get it corrected and then have them talk to me to give the new total. But I didn't. I smiled. I walked away. Damn me for being such a frickin good employee.

Thursday, April 16

4/16 Drama Ho

Tonight we had a lady come in to start drama. First she yelled at Whiner while he took her pickup order because she wanted a better discount since she just spent $2 getting our number from directory assistance. Then when she came in she proceeded to yell at Stoner Manager, berate Happy Bopper, and generally make a menace of herself. To get the full picture I'll need to describe the scene:
  • Ghetto from her nappy weave down to her red toenail polish on her crusty toes. (I normally try not to stereotype, but seriously?!?, she brought this one on herself)
  • Blue jaguar with handicap plates parked crooked in our handicap spot
  • Between the first berating and the second, she's standing outside, leaned on the driver side window like a hooker.

After she gets her free pizza she then proceeds to tell us her whole life sob story I guess so that we think she has some excuse for being a condescending bitch. I hope she chokes on a peppercini.

Other than that...I had a great night. Walked out with $30.25 off 6 deliveries which isn't bad for a Thursday. Two $7 tippers including one from the house where I backed part of my car off their driveway bridge. Maybe they never knew it was me. Their bridge remembers me though courtesy of a few black marks and a deep groove in the concrete.

Goofball had a better night though. He got a 30 pizza order to the high school and picked up a $20 tip on top of all his normal stuff.

Tuesday, April 14

Other Chick Driver Quitting

I don't know for sure if this is happening but I'm sad anyway. I guess I'll see her everyday, but it's still fun to chill out at work. Who's going to give me hug when I'm feeling down?

Monday, April 13

4/11 Pennies

Ended up only working Saturday night even though I was scheduled 4 days this week. Thursday there was a ginormous traffic accident blocking my way home from my primary job, so I was an hour and a half late even getting to Podunk town to get ready to go to work. Stoner Manager told Other Chick Driver to call me and tell me not to even bother coming in. Friday we weren't that busy and El Jefe sent me home almost as soon as I got there. Sunday was super-dead, so I got sent home again as soon as I got there.

Things that amused me Saturday:
  • A grotesque hippo bird-bath. There are a lot of hippo statues in my area (it's the local high-school mascot) and they are all rotund, but this one was a morbidly obese hippo (albeit a miniature one) sitting in the middle of a birdbath.
  • $25 off 5 deliveries, awesome per delivery ratio, if only I could have taken more deliveries and kept it up.
Things that did not amuse me:
  • Getting asked for coin change because he wanted quarters for tolls. I normally tell customers I don't carry change, but this one was pretty insistant, so I went back to the car and gave him every penny I had. See how the toll road likes that, asshole!
  • Answering phones got a guy who wanted me to list every topping we had and then proceeded to ask me if we had tuna. WTF?!

Monday, April 6

4 4 5 6

This weekend's lessons:
  • Don't drink on Saturday night when you have to go to work Sunday morning.
This lesson's for me a little but mostly for Manwhore Manager who needs to learn not to drink at all if he can't learn to call someone to drive him home when he's too drunk to drive.
  • Keep my mouth shut.
I think I need to institute a 3 second rule before I say anything. I've been a little toxic lately and really don't want to turn into that girl.

Other than working 15 hours, nothing interesting really happened. El Jefe and ArmyCook both told Bambi what a shitty job she's doing then both El Jefe and ArmyCook apologized to her. ArmyCook was making me less calm by telling me to calm down when Happy Bopper completely screwed up an order.