Tuesday, March 3

Birthday Weekend

This past weekend was my birthday, so I haven't really been blogging well. We have a new driver, Stitches, he never smiles. It's my new mission to get that guy to smile. StripperGirl moved to another store. PizzaMama hasn't been around in a while, she's not on the schedule. Goofball got to be GoofyBopper for a night b/c his insurance expired. Mustache is getting replaced with MonkeyWrench

  • I must remember not to turn my back when delivering out to the trailer park (not a mobile home, real live tiny ass trailers). I delivered out there and couldn't find the slot # so I started to call the guy and I see a guy walking toward my car and it was the guy who ordered and so I just got out of the car to get his money but then I turned my back to him to reach into the car for the pizzas and the second I did it I knew it was a bad idea. He didn't do anything, but I realized that I definitely should not have put myself into that vulnerable a position in a shady neighborhood.
  • ACDC, "If You Want Blood" is the best song EVER to listen to when going out to a delivery!
  • I decided to use a driveway out in the country and it had a little bridge over a ditch and I had to back out and I completely went off the bridge so that one of my tires was hanging off the side. I was scared I wouldn't be able to get it back onto the road. I was also scared they'd call and tell the store about my bad driving and the nice shiny new black marks on one of the curbs on the bridge. I'm starting to think I'm a bad driver.
  • People with houses for sale tip badly.

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Roses said...

Happy Birthday!

Sorry you had scary experiences, but I'm glad they turned out okay and you are wiser for them. :)