Friday, March 13

3/13 Bad Luck and Mad skilz


Those were my tips tonight. I walked out with $19 off 6 deliveries, which totally blows for a Friday night. It was rainy it was drizzly, I was complemented twice on the sheer speed and awesomness of my mad delivery skilz.


Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, how old are you? Young enough to be pizza delivery girl, and not pizza delivery woman?

Unknown said...

I guess people at the door say Pizza Lady but it just doesn't have the same ring as Pizza Girl. And I'm 24, so I guess a youngin to some and an old lady to the Boppers.

tj's_angel said...

My son delivered pizza for "Dominoes"
for about 1yr . At first he really loved it, then price of gas went up. At the same time Dominoes lowered there reimbursement for gas&ins from $1.00 delivery to .75cents.

Anonymous said...

Ok, at 24 you can still call your self pizza delivery girl. At around 30 you go over to 'lady.' I've learned to tip my driver at least 3 dollars (I know not much, but I'm a starving college student ;-) ). Though, some of my friends who've got jobs working at pizza places in the Bay Area (California) say that tips can be more than $50 on a good weeknight, and more than $100 on a pretty good weekend.