Friday, March 13

3/13 Mini-Meltdown

Last night I hit burnt-out like a brick wall; just smacked into it going 60 mph on my first delivery. I spent at least 5 minutes sitting in my car after I got back refusing to go back inside. I couldn't do it. Inside meant more pizza, more boppers, more drivers, more shitty tippers who didn't seem to realize that it was fucking freezing outside and raining. I got stiffed, straight-up, twice. Bambi Bopper was fucking everything up on the phones. She took at least two delivery orders as carryouts; she was mis-stickering boxes. I finally told ArmyCook that he needed to politely tell Bambi that garlic parmesan breadsticks go in a 12 inch not a 10 inch box because if I had to tell her I wasn't going to be polite, tactful, or nice. Seriously, why is she still here?! Why are we putting up with such blatent incompetence? If this were a real job or she wasn't dating Stoner Manager, she would be fired by now, or quit because someone made her cry after yelling at her for doing something moronic.

I put in a request to get less hours. See above if you can't figure out why. I am going crazy!

Walked out after 3 hours with $9 yesterday. Super Burn!

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Roses said...

With all the people looking for work, ANY work, they really can find better.


Apparently, Stoner Manager prefers keeping her employed more than having his pizza "hand tossed". (ehem.)