Wednesday, March 25

Pizza Cravings - Warning: Rant ahead

Last night I was having pizza cravings at 10:30 and I decided to call to get delivery since we don't close till 11. Stoner Manager answered the phone and gave me crap about ordering pizza when he was trying to get things cleaned up. He finally agreed to take the order and then proceeded to text me about how I never want to work and I always order pizza right before closing just to piss him off. I am so tired of his shit! If I'm not getting my employee discount (which I don't on delivery), then I expect to be treated like a customer. So here is my defense and my Damn-The-Man and rant.
  • He says: I never want to work. I'm always asking to go home.
  • The truth: I ask to go home semi-frequently (mostly because I was burnt out), but so does everyone else, he just chooses to notice when I do it. In fact, Saturday (when he was closing) I didn't once ask to go home early despite the fact that I was supposed to get off at 8:30 and I ended up working (and working hard) until 11:00.
  • He says: I only do this when he's working. It's like I'm trying to piss him off.
  • The truth: I act the same for every manager. Again, he just chooses to notice only the bad things that I do rather than the good.
  • He says: I only order when it is close to closing.
  • The truth: Most of the time when I order pizza, I pick it up. In fact, I usually end up being the one to come in and make/pull it out of the oven. When I do get delivery, if I'm not getting an employee discount, I expect to be treated like a customer. Customers call close to closing all the time. He doesn't give them crap about it. On top of that, I tip very well. I always give the driver $5 regardless of whether or not I got my employee discount.
On the plus side, my extra cheese thin crust really hit the spot.


Gorilla Bananas said...

Employee discount? I would give you all the pizzas you could eat free of charge - instead of a salary.

Pizza Girl said...

lol, I'm really trying to cut back on pizza. The ironic thing is that even though I only worked one day this week, I've probably ate pizza every day.