Sunday, March 22

3/20, 3/21, 3/22 Incognito

Apparently someone has been taking me (or someone else because I can't imagine who it would be through me) wayyyyy too seriously. Yesterday El Jefe pulled me into the walk-in to ask me if I knew who might have sent an email to our corporate office about the "general manager" dating a bopper and coming to work high. The semi-anonymous author of said email said that she had a friend who's second job was at my store and naturally, because I was a little disgruntled last week (okay, a LOT disgruntled) he thought of me. After I quit laughing I explained:
1)Everyone I know that doesn't already work there is in Austin and wouldn't give a crap about the pizza-drama in my little podunk town
2)I don't care what Stoner Manager (who isn't the general manager anyway) does, it as much amuses me as anything that he's dating Bambi and they seem to be happy together
3)I like Stoner Manager better when he's high because he's not as cranky and that's a moot point anyway now that he's getting clean
4)If I was going to do something to get at him (presumably because I'm soooo disgruntled), this is not my style, he would know it was me.

I guess I need to go a little more incognito with my blog till this whole thing blows over.

Things that amused me this weekend:

  • New Boppers, there are two of them, they are boys that look like brothers. I christen them Boyband Boppers.
  • Making lots of $$$. Not so much amusing as it is just awesome!!!

Things that did not amuse me:

  • Receiving wet money from a customer. WTF! We are not at an amusement park, there are no water rides, there is no excuse for giving me wet money. I think he might have been using the sweaty crevice under his manboob as a money storage area. Ewww.
  • Manwhore Manager's manwhorish escapades. These used to be amusing but now are just redundant, plus he has to have a raging case of ghona-sypha-herpales by now. Ewww.

Made $64 off of 17 deliveries yesterday. $33 off of 7 today.

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