• Bopper - any in-store employee (non-delivery driver, non-manager).
  • Single/double/triple - refers to the number of individual deliveries that I take in any one run
  • Run - one run is from the time I leave the store on a delivery to the time I get back
  • Stiff - a zero tip
  • Pre-tip - When a customer orders online, pays by credit card, and designates the amount of their tip ahead of time.  When I print out the credit card receipt for their delivery I can see before I leave on the delivery how much tip I'm going to receive.
  • Bottleneck - where the production line is slowing down.  For example, if dough people can slap out 3 crusts a minute and the oven can spit out 4 pizzas a minute but it takes a minute per pizza to top, the makeline is the bottleneck