Monday, January 26

1/26 The Night of the Bad Tippers

I took 7 deliveries tonight, most of which were bad tippers.  One woman was effusively happy that the pizza was so early and when her pen broke while writing the check I let her borrow mine with which she wrote me an exact change check.  Then, I delivered to my next door neighbors, who are also bad tippers, though I'm not really surprised as they refuse to fix their fence.  I walked away tonight with $22.

Store Gossip:
Stoner Manager is dating Dumb Bopper, which is ironic considering that he likes to complain about our more incompetent in-stores.  My official prediction is that if they last two months she'll be knocked up by six months, a year max.

1/25 One Hour

I only worked one hour last night.  I took three deliveries one of which was a free order but surprisingly, the free order tipped me even after I started to walk away right after I gave him the pizza.

I left with $10 last night.

Friday, January 23

1/23 Drunk Blogging

Tonight sucked. It was busy. But right now I don't really care cuz I'm drunk with Other Chick Driver. :) I delivered to a house with it's house number in white against a white wall, which totally sucked. Dumb Bopper, our newest (I think) in-store, can't count to 10 to make stacks of boxes and is completely incompitent in every other way. I was on cut station and pizzas were coming out that I didn't have boxes for and Pizza Mama was trying to answer phones and Happy Bopper was on the phone too and the phones were ringing off the hook and guess what Dumb Bopper was doing... It wasn't answering phones... it wasn't putting stickers on boxes... it wasn't doing anything useful whatsoever... she went to the back and got a bundle of boxes. WTF!?! Really?!? In the middle of a Friday night. I repeat WTF!?!

I took home $21, which sucks for a Friday night.

Wed/Thurs and the Mid-Week Blues

We've been pretty slow all week. Wednesday I took three deliveries (one to an obviously overbearing and health-conscious mother who ordered a medium pizza for her and her two, over-scheduled children) and walked out with a grand total of $8 in my pocket. I'm not even sure that covers the gas I spent. Last night I ended up closing, partly as a favor to DevilEyes whose truck was breaking, but partly because I gave up my Saturday night shift to DayDriver so that I could have my first day off from both jobs in months. My most amusing delivery was to some junior-stoners. Two of them stayed at the door staring at me with dopey smiles while the third went to get the receipt signed. It got particularly amusing when one of them says, "Your hat says PJ, I have a cousin named PJ." I took a total of 9 deliveries and walked out of there with $35.

Tuesday, January 20

1/19 Stinky On His Way Out

StinkyButtFace seems to be trying to get fired. He has been pissing off managers left and right. ArmyCook, our new manager, in particular, has received the brunt end of some blatant disrespect. Last night ArmyCook told Stinky to take a particular delivery. Then Stinky blatently went and checked out a different delivery, then had the cajones to turn around and tell ArmyCook that he couldn't take the delivery because he was already checked out on one. On top of that, we suspect that Stinky stole the book in which he was written up the other night for taking deliveries that were too far apart.

I didn't really have any good deliveries last night. In fact, it was pretty much a very slow, boring night; just me, Other Chick Driver, MonkeyWrench, and Eyebrows for most of the night.

Monday, January 19

1/18 Next Town Over

I realize that I've been a bad, bad blogger this last week or so. I've been working six days a week and I'm a little burnt out.

Saturday I delivered to a bunch of really drunk guys and when one of them decided to hit on me his line was, "So...where do you work?"

Last night, El Jefe decided to take a global perspective on delivery and send me 20 min away to the next town where I only got a $3 tip. I made sure to unplug my car topper so that those crazies don't think that we actually deliver there.

Wednesday, January 7

1/7 50th post and not much else

I only stayed for the rush tonight. For some reason I'm distracted. Maybe that's why I didn't write down any of my stats. I came home with $21 in my pocket.

Oh yeah, Thing One and Thing Two have identical matching red zigzaggy glasses and it amuses me.

Monday, January 5

1/5 Chill for the Fiesta Bowl

Tonight I was really chilled out and happy. Nothing could ruin my good mood, not even being understaffed for the Fiesta Bowl, not even the asshole who got mad that we weren't using heated pizza carriers and asked for my manager's name and didn't give me a tip on his $45 order on top of that. Nothing ruined my mood, in fact I'm still in a good mood. Happy happy happy, and chill.

Tonight I...
Drove 51.3 miles for 9 deliveries,
made $24.77 in tips (3 , 3 , 0 , 1 , 5 , 3 , 5 , 1.77 , 3),
and essentially made $15.77 an hour.

1/4 Rookie Mistake

I took one delivery last night before I volunteered to go home.  Of course, I locked my keys in the car while it was running at that one delivery.  I felt like such a rookie!  I had to ask to use their phone because my phone was in the car with the keys, and then I had to stand outside in the cold until someone brought me the spare.  I was so ready to go home after that.

Saturday, January 3

1/2 and 1/3 Days Running Together

I closed last night so that Other Chick Driver could get some sleep.  I ended up doing a lot of dishes (BigBlack thankfully started them, so I didn't have nearly as many as I could have).  Eyebrows creeped me out all night.  He always manages to take things one step to far and to always be a little condescending.  He's also a little bit short with me and when I ask him to do something he always looks at me like he's going to kill me in my sleep.

Then, I had to open this morning.  It wasn't so bad, Stinky and Manwhore Manager had most of the work done by the time I got there.  Working with Stinky is so draining.  It's not just fighting my urges to throw a fit when he steals my runs, it's that bending myself around any person is draining for me.  I would much rather be able to be completely myself and make little compromises rather than deny myself the right to call him on his bullshit just for the sake of peace.  We were rather slow all day so I actually got off at my scheduled time, which never happens on a Saturday.  I did manage to get a $14 tip in the really rich, slightly out of area neighborhood.

I am not doing very well on my New Year resolution to keep better records.  I think I'm going to have to make it a Fiscal New Year resolution and start on Monday.

Friday, January 2

New Years Resolution

My PizzaGirl New Years resolutions:
  • Resume recording my mileage and tips.
  • Ignore StinkyButtFace and throw a party when he gets fired on his own.
  • Learn to throw pizza dough.

Thursday, January 1

New Years Eve

I worked last night and it wasn't too bad except that we were staffed in the store like a Monday instead of like New Years Eve and so it got a little crazy for a while.  I got a $10 tip from a lady even after I forgot to take a pen with me so she had to scavenge for her own.  I also delivered to a lady in giant footie-pajamas.  She had to be 6 feet tall and 4 feet wide.  I didn't know they made footie-pajamas that big.

After work I decided to spend New Years Eve partying with Stoner Manager but he was closing so I ended up ringing in the New Year at work which I guess is kind-of fitting being that I spend so much time there already.  We actually didn't leave the store until 1:30 because DevilEyes was the closing driver and he was completely useless at closing.  I, off the clock, ended up sweeping behind him because the crappy job he was doing bothered me that much. hours later...  I got home at 8:30 this morning, just in time to catch 4 hours of sleep before my parents brought the kids back from a week at my grandparents.  I tried to catch more sleep before work but I ended up calling in to work because I'm in no shape to drive.

Happy New Year everyone!