Tuesday, January 20

1/19 Stinky On His Way Out

StinkyButtFace seems to be trying to get fired. He has been pissing off managers left and right. ArmyCook, our new manager, in particular, has received the brunt end of some blatant disrespect. Last night ArmyCook told Stinky to take a particular delivery. Then Stinky blatently went and checked out a different delivery, then had the cajones to turn around and tell ArmyCook that he couldn't take the delivery because he was already checked out on one. On top of that, we suspect that Stinky stole the book in which he was written up the other night for taking deliveries that were too far apart.

I didn't really have any good deliveries last night. In fact, it was pretty much a very slow, boring night; just me, Other Chick Driver, MonkeyWrench, and Eyebrows for most of the night.

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