Friday, January 23

Wed/Thurs and the Mid-Week Blues

We've been pretty slow all week. Wednesday I took three deliveries (one to an obviously overbearing and health-conscious mother who ordered a medium pizza for her and her two, over-scheduled children) and walked out with a grand total of $8 in my pocket. I'm not even sure that covers the gas I spent. Last night I ended up closing, partly as a favor to DevilEyes whose truck was breaking, but partly because I gave up my Saturday night shift to DayDriver so that I could have my first day off from both jobs in months. My most amusing delivery was to some junior-stoners. Two of them stayed at the door staring at me with dopey smiles while the third went to get the receipt signed. It got particularly amusing when one of them says, "Your hat says PJ, I have a cousin named PJ." I took a total of 9 deliveries and walked out of there with $35.

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