Friday, January 23

1/23 Drunk Blogging

Tonight sucked. It was busy. But right now I don't really care cuz I'm drunk with Other Chick Driver. :) I delivered to a house with it's house number in white against a white wall, which totally sucked. Dumb Bopper, our newest (I think) in-store, can't count to 10 to make stacks of boxes and is completely incompitent in every other way. I was on cut station and pizzas were coming out that I didn't have boxes for and Pizza Mama was trying to answer phones and Happy Bopper was on the phone too and the phones were ringing off the hook and guess what Dumb Bopper was doing... It wasn't answering phones... it wasn't putting stickers on boxes... it wasn't doing anything useful whatsoever... she went to the back and got a bundle of boxes. WTF!?! Really?!? In the middle of a Friday night. I repeat WTF!?!

I took home $21, which sucks for a Friday night.

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