You may notice that I give everyone nicknames.  Sometimes those nicknames are one-offs; even though I see them every shift, they don't really affect my time there.  Those people will not be listed here.  Instead, I'll list the recurring characters, the people that you'll hear a lot about.

Current Store
Little Yellow - the General Manager
Mama Bear - an assistant manager
Yelling Manager - also an assistant manager **fired**
Calico -female driver
Boombox driver **fired**
Insectosaurus - bopper
Name Bopper
Doggy bopper
Day Job Driver
Fanny Pack Driver - changes in the parking lot, yuck!
Ponytail Driver

Old Store
El Jefe - General Manager 1
Jolly Green - General Manager 2
Manwhore Manager
Stoner Manager
Army cook - assistant manager
Dirty Stripper - driver
Bambi - bopper
OCD - Other chick driver
Malibu Ken - driver
Goofball - driver