Monday, March 30

3/27 Squished Gecko

I only worked Friday night this week. It was a big change from the six days a week I've been working for what seems like forever. I was supposed to work Saturday night but I woke up from my nap feeling super loopy. I'm pretty sure El Jefe thinks I was on drugs. I was technically on Excedrin and I took a couple more than I usually do because I had a wicked headache. That combined with waking up from a really deep sleep made me feel like I was made of rocks. I also had the surreal sensation that I didn't remember how to work my arms. I lay there and stared at them, but they didn't quite feel like mine. Other Chick Driver made me call El Jefe to tell him I wouldn't be in but at the time I was still feeling loopy and he asked me if I was on drugs.

Interesting things from Friday night's shift:
  • On my way to work I stopped by McDonalds to get dinner and saw an advertisement for a fair that the local church is throwing that will include a "Live Petting Zoo!" The first thing I thought was, "As opposed to the dead kind? Welcome, kids to Uncle Ned's Taxidermy Petting Zoo. Pet a stuffed cougar so real you'll swear it's going to bite you!"
  • Delivered to a guy with a vampire glyph tattoo on his forearm.
  • Saw a poor kitty who had been shaved except for a tuft around its head. It looked at me like I could save it from the crazy people.
  • I noticed the imprint of the back half of a gecko that had been squished in the doorjam at a customer's home. I have a vivid imagination so I really feel sorry for the poor gecko that had gotten almost inside the house when the door was suddenly shut and it was cut in half. I imagine that the people didn't even notice it. The cat probably came and ate the remains, but as a memorial from the universe the pressure of the door created a perfect impression of two back legs and a long tail. RIP little gecko.

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