Monday, April 6

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This weekend's lessons:
  • Don't drink on Saturday night when you have to go to work Sunday morning.
This lesson's for me a little but mostly for Manwhore Manager who needs to learn not to drink at all if he can't learn to call someone to drive him home when he's too drunk to drive.
  • Keep my mouth shut.
I think I need to institute a 3 second rule before I say anything. I've been a little toxic lately and really don't want to turn into that girl.

Other than working 15 hours, nothing interesting really happened. El Jefe and ArmyCook both told Bambi what a shitty job she's doing then both El Jefe and ArmyCook apologized to her. ArmyCook was making me less calm by telling me to calm down when Happy Bopper completely screwed up an order.

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