Wednesday, April 29

Mid-Week Fun

There is now at Primary Job, my sanctuary from pizza insanity, a defected manager from my chain who apparently knows El Jefe. He also doesn't want me to tell El Jefe that he now works here because he hasn't told Pizza Chain that he doesn't work there anymore. Fun! Not that I talk to El Jefe that much, but it puts a little damper on stuff because this blog isn't exactly a secret at Primary Job and I definitely do not want El Jefe to read this stuff. Not really that most of it would come as a surprise (in fact, some of the juiciest bits of gossip don't even make it onto here due to the fact that people that actually know me read this and I'm not always a good PizzaGirl), it's more that I need a place to come and rant away from everything else; away from the Boppers and ManWhore and managers and drivers.

On unrelated news, I finally caught up with old Slice stuff and found a hilarious JoBros video about falling in love with a pizza girl. It is sooooo obvious that the whole song was conceived while they were very very baked (pun intended) but had me ROFLMAO. Check out the link in my Twitter.

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