Monday, May 4

5/2 5/3 Bugs!

I worked for 2 and a half hours Saturday morning doing nothing but prep work. I took zero deliveries, cut myself on the tomato slicer, and saw a dead bird out back. I can't even begin to describe how disgusting the juice coming off the ham is when I'm hungover. It wasn't just the ham though; all processed meats were grossing me out. The giant congealed block of bacon had to be broken up by hand. Each little piece of sausage was coated in a tiny layer of pig fat and they slip and slide around each other and leave little streaks of fat on the side of the container. The beef seemed like those little rubbery bits that they use in playgrounds.

Last night I was scheduled to work just a few hours but Eyebrows called in so I volunteered to close to make up for the hours I missed Thursday and Friday. It was actually a pretty nice night. El Jefe seemed to think I was doing him a huge favor by closing so he didn't make me take out the trash and he did most of the dishes. I was working with two of my favorite drivers, Big Black and Malibu Ken. After I came back from my last delivery (to Day Driver who tips very well), Malibu Ken found a giant moth which couldn't fly anymore. He proceeded to poke it and try to set it on fire and spit, etc. Then, just for fun, he picked it up and threw it toward me. The stupid thing could fly just enough to actually make it near me then veer off into the grass. I still scrambled backward as fast as I could and screamed loud enough I'm sure Austin could hear me. And as if that wasn't enough, Big Black decided it would be funny to come in the store and pretend like he had a moth in his hand and like he was going to throw it at me. It was really just a little piece of bark, but it shook a little when he opened his hand and I freaked out anyway. Fun!!!

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