Friday, May 15

5/14 ArmyCook's Back

ArmyCook's back and he sent me home early. Still managed to get in 7 deliveries for $25 dollars but then he sent me home. The good news is I picked up a day-shift Saturday, so I'll be working all weekend and hopefully make enough money that I don't have to rock the Ramen all week at work. In all, of my 7 deliveries, 3 of them were completely unacceptable tips, two of which were very condescending about it; they had the attitude of "here little pizza girl, I'm better than you and you should be grateful for this $1/$1.50 in quarters that I deign to bestow upon you from my high house." At one of the houses I was confronted by the wolf from The NeverEnding Story tied on the front lawn. A little girl came out and untied it to drag it into the house and I got out my pepper spray because I wasn't going to be eaten by the agent of The Nothing.

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