Saturday, May 30

5/30 hungover delivering...again

I'm writing this from the bath, which is awesome! I thought I had to work tonight but about 10 this morning I got a call from El Jefe asking where I was. Apparently I was scheduled to be there at 9:30 and I forgot/misread the schedule. Of course, not expecting to work, I did a little drinking last night and was proportionally hungover. Two things made it allright though:
1)we were pretty slow
2) I'm in a strangely good mood. Despite being tired and achey I can't stop being happy. Everytime my brain isn't actively occupied with something else I'm smiling. I don't know whatbrought this on. Plenty of good (and bad) things are going on in my life but I just can't shake the feeling that everything's going to be ok.

Came out with $39.

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