Thursday, May 28

Bopper Bingo

Only took one delivery tonight. $4 from a lady who used her own pen. I was surprised. Usually when they use their own pen they have some warped idea that I didn't do any workband therefore don't deserve a tip.

When I got in today the Boppers all had these sheets next theirs registers. I didn't know what they were until I heard Happy Bopper exclaim, "I got the chickenstrips!". Curious, I went to investigate. Corporate sent out side-item Bingo activity sheets. I guess this is to get them to upsell different types of items, but all I see is gimmicky sales competitions. I'm soooo glad I'm done pandering to The Man's idea of what motivated me. At the same time, my competitive nature wants to hop on the phones and show those Boppers what's what.

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