Monday, May 18

5/15 - 17 A long weekend

I have way more things that to write about than I could possibly fit into one blog, so I'll just have to save some gems for slow days.

Friday night:
$31 off 8 deliveries

Only got stiffed on one delivery and it was right across the street from another delivery I was taking.

$103 off 23 deliveries

It was raining, me and Caveman were the only drivers, we had no boppers, leaving Stoner Manager to handle in-store by himself. The day actually didn't start off very well. I was stiffed twice in my first five deliveries, both of which commented on the weather and how awful it was and how I was wet. I spent a lot of time wet. Luckily things picked up in the afternoon. I got an $11 tip off a guy who was too baked to count ones, two $5's off web orders, and a $10 from a birthday party order.

$90 off 22 deliveries

First thing in the morning DevilEyes quit, leaving me as the only driver all day. We were pretty steady all day. Manwhore was a manwhore all day, alternating between hitting on me and telling me about his manwhorish adventures. At some point I think he perceived my disdain for him though I can't be sure because he didn't really change his behavior at all. Some fun things:
  • Delivered to the guy with the capibura dog again. His driveway has two stone lion statues guarding it.
  • Delivered to my ex-boss from Blockbuster, the one who I later worked beside at a completely different job that I quit after two weeks.
  • I think Thing One pissed in the sink
  • Got 50% of my Daily Recommended Value of carbs from Mountain Dew. The nutritional information should just say, "You don't want to know."

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