Friday, May 22

5/21 Cows

One of the best things about my area is that we have a lot of country roads. I get to drive by oceans of corn (right now it's just high enough to see over the top of from my car), some beautiful horses, and scrubland (which I love because I can almost imagine the entire landscape made of this when it was first settled). One of my favorite rural sights is cows. Near my house is a little family with two mamas, two babies, and a daddy. The mamas are brown and the dad is some weird black and white speckled breed with a weird hump and neck-flap. The cutest thing is that one of the babies is all brown except for the face which is black and white speckled. Near the rich pre-planned neighborhood is a couple of longhorns. I'm not even a little bit tempted to pet them. On one of the back roads there's a herd of cows that are fat and shiny, I am very tempted to pet them if they weren't sooooo big. If I ever get a farm (and figured out how to keep it free of grasshoppers, tarantulas, scorpions, etc) I would have a herd of pettin'-cows.

When I wasn't being wonderfully distracted by the scenery, last night was frustrating. I made a rookie mistake of forgetting a soda, got stiffed twice*, and ArmyCook was being generally annoying*.

*One of my stiffs was a web-order where they chose carryout instead of delivery but decided they wanted delivery. ArmyCook made me take it and I got stiffed and later he tried to get out of giving me my $1 gas reimbursement for it since it wasn't in the system as a delivery. This is so typical of him trying to follow corporate law to the letter when it suits him. Just because he decided not to bad-order the old one and take a new delivery order, tell the customer that they owe us the the $2 delivery charge, or otherwise make this a legitimate delivery doesn't mean that I deliver for charity. As far as I care, my wage agreement is $1 gas reimbursement per delivery. I don't care whether they try to recoop that from the customer with a delivery charge or not. I don't deliver for free. Maybe if they'd tipped me I might have let it drop, but I gave up a perfectly legitimate 2nd delivery (which got switched to Caveman) to fulfill ArmyCook's (stupid) promise to the customer to deliver when it was the customer's own damn fault for choosing carryout.

Did I mention it's officially June-bug season? I hate June-bugs! I may die of them.

Ended up with $37 off 11 deliveries.

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