Thursday, May 7

5/7 Dishes

Tonight started off slow....really slow I couldn't clock in for almost half an hour. Then I took two deliveries in the first hour, which is pathetic. Luckily things sped up but not before pizzas started disappearing. I don't think Stoner Manager ever did figure out which Bopper/driver was fucking up; I wasn't really in the store long enough at that point to get into the drama.

I've christened a new bopper, Robot Bopper. Thing two and Happy Bopper are both avoiding him for some reason. He is a little weird though I think it's just him being a goody-goody and socially stunted.

Two customers that didn't amuse me:
  • The hairy guy who ordered the pizza well done, complained that I was early, then proceeded to demand to check the pizza for its well-done-ness before giving me the money.
  • The girl who gave me $1 Jefferson gold dollar coins as part of my payment. Do I look like a vending machine?

Got stuck with dishes, which take me forever, so here are the 10 things I hate about dishes.

  1. Sanitizer - it smells yucky
  2. Floaties - I have to rinse everything before it goes in my dishwasher, floaties completely gross me out
  3. It takes forever - mostly because of #2, 5, 6, 7, and 8
  4. When I put away the dishes and my hands are still wet and the water drips down my arms into my armpits and shirt
  5. Watching dishwater drain because the floor-drain overflows if I let too much water out at once
  6. Not enough room to drain the dishes causing me to have to wash a mini-batch then put them away
  7. Dishes that are too large even for an industrial sink
  8. When other people do dishes and I find grease pencil/actual grease left on the dishes and so have to re-wash them
  9. When I accidentally spray myself with the sprayer
  10. When I cut myself on the tomato torture device/slicer/knives

Ended up with $32 off 10 which comes to approximately $2 average tip.

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Gypsy said...

I realize this is an old post and all, but since I only recently found your blog, I must go backwards in time and read them all.

One Pizza Girl to another, I wanted to offer my solution to your very valid gripe about water running down your arms while putting away dishes. In my Pizza Place, we use those "use 'em a few times and throw 'em away" towels for washing/cleaning. Does your store use something like this?

I grab a clean one from the box at the beginning of each shift and tuck it through my belt on my left hip.

When the dishwasher/sanitizer stops, I've typically been spraying dishes, and just filled a tray to go in. I rinse my hands under the sprayer, dry them on my towel on my hip, and put away a load that has been sitting there air drying for a cycle.

I hate touching clean dishes with greasy or wet hands, I despise water running down (up) my arms, and this was the best option for me at work.

As I'm leaving on delivery, I pull my tucked towel out and lay it on the counter next to the computer. When I log back in upon my return, I grab my towel again. If it's been used so much it's really wet or looking funky in the least, I grab a new one.

Since I wash them out with a sprayer and run them through the sanitizer, then pop them into the bucket of sanitizer water to be used for cleaning of various sorts, I don't feel I'm wasting them at all.

I hope this helps.