Thursday, April 16

4/16 Drama Ho

Tonight we had a lady come in to start drama. First she yelled at Whiner while he took her pickup order because she wanted a better discount since she just spent $2 getting our number from directory assistance. Then when she came in she proceeded to yell at Stoner Manager, berate Happy Bopper, and generally make a menace of herself. To get the full picture I'll need to describe the scene:
  • Ghetto from her nappy weave down to her red toenail polish on her crusty toes. (I normally try not to stereotype, but seriously?!?, she brought this one on herself)
  • Blue jaguar with handicap plates parked crooked in our handicap spot
  • Between the first berating and the second, she's standing outside, leaned on the driver side window like a hooker.

After she gets her free pizza she then proceeds to tell us her whole life sob story I guess so that we think she has some excuse for being a condescending bitch. I hope she chokes on a peppercini.

Other than that...I had a great night. Walked out with $30.25 off 6 deliveries which isn't bad for a Thursday. Two $7 tippers including one from the house where I backed part of my car off their driveway bridge. Maybe they never knew it was me. Their bridge remembers me though courtesy of a few black marks and a deep groove in the concrete.

Goofball had a better night though. He got a 30 pizza order to the high school and picked up a $20 tip on top of all his normal stuff.

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