Monday, April 27

4/26 That's What I Get For Helping

I haven't been working much lately, mostly because I've been more than happy to go home early (very early, before I start my shift early), but also because I'm not scheduled six days a week anymore.

News Catch-up: Other Chick Driver didn't end up quitting, MonkeyWrench is training as a manager (which she totally deserves), Bambi Bopper has taken to wearing white(ish) jeans instead of our regulation khaki (don't even get me started!), we have a new driver (no nickname yet) and some more new boppers

I took 2 deliveries on Saturday (made $8) and 7 deliveries yesterday (made $26).

My most interesting (and frustrating) delivery was to a woman who, upon hearing the total, realized that the discount for the "special" wasn't entered. I, being the lovely, wonderful, courteous driver that I am, promptly called the store on my cell and had them correct the matter, saving her $6, for which I was rewarded with the change from her $20, a grand total of $1 + change. WTF?!!!!!!!!! I wanted to kick something. I could have left the total as is, told her to pay up or I would take it back to the store, made her call the store and get it corrected and then have them talk to me to give the new total. But I didn't. I smiled. I walked away. Damn me for being such a frickin good employee.

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Haitham J. said...

That woman is a complete dick. It is still miles better than when a woman tipped me 3 dollars on a $34.30 order then when she realized shes getting 70 cents change from her $35, she asked for the 3 dollars and told me to "keep the change" from the order.