Monday, April 13

4/11 Pennies

Ended up only working Saturday night even though I was scheduled 4 days this week. Thursday there was a ginormous traffic accident blocking my way home from my primary job, so I was an hour and a half late even getting to Podunk town to get ready to go to work. Stoner Manager told Other Chick Driver to call me and tell me not to even bother coming in. Friday we weren't that busy and El Jefe sent me home almost as soon as I got there. Sunday was super-dead, so I got sent home again as soon as I got there.

Things that amused me Saturday:
  • A grotesque hippo bird-bath. There are a lot of hippo statues in my area (it's the local high-school mascot) and they are all rotund, but this one was a morbidly obese hippo (albeit a miniature one) sitting in the middle of a birdbath.
  • $25 off 5 deliveries, awesome per delivery ratio, if only I could have taken more deliveries and kept it up.
Things that did not amuse me:
  • Getting asked for coin change because he wanted quarters for tolls. I normally tell customers I don't carry change, but this one was pretty insistant, so I went back to the car and gave him every penny I had. See how the toll road likes that, asshole!
  • Answering phones got a guy who wanted me to list every topping we had and then proceeded to ask me if we had tuna. WTF?!

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