Thursday, March 19

Days Off

For the first time in a very, very long time I have three days off in a row and have decided to give yall a peek into the life of PizzaGirl while she is not delivering pizza:

Tuesday - I went with OtherChickDriver to her parent's house for traditional Irish food (which it turns out is pretty gross). I was still hungry when I left. I wanted pizza.

Wednesday - called out sick to regular job (because I really needed a personal day). I sat around OtherChickDriver's house and read the rest of Ender's Game and ordered pizza (delivered by LittleNicky). God bless pepperonis and mushrooms. OtherChickDriver is going on Weight Watchers, so she ordered a thin-crust cheese pizza of which each slice is 5 points.

Thursday (tonight) - I'm going to see a movie, in 3D! Yay! Maybe I will not crave pizza.

Other Pizza-related thoughts:
My mother spotted a sign in Denver, CO that said, "Holy whole wheat pizza, Batman!" BTW, our whole-wheat pizza is disgusting, not really more nutritious than a regular dough, is difficult to slap, and makes my car smell funny.

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