Sunday, June 7

6/7/9 Turtle Guilt

My pizza experience today started with Manwhore calling around noon to see if I could come in to work. Being the genius that he is, he sent Goofball home super early and ended up needing a second driver after all (imagine that!) so he was calling around to try to get someone to come in. I couldn't. Not that I would if I could, Manwhore isn't exactly on my list of people I do favors for.

I ended up going in at my regular time and we were pretty steady. It was a standard night; didn't get stiffed (even though there were some fairly shitty tippers); got two $5 tips; delivered to a guy with a (non-ironic) heart w/name banner tattoo on his arm. I saw a flipped over turtle in the middle of the road on the way to a delivery but didn't realize what it was until I had already passed it. I felt guilty the whole way to the house thinking about the poor turtle and it's probable death. On the way back it wasn't there, not even a squish spot, so I hope someone found it and turned it over and put it back in the woods.

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