Thursday, June 4

6/4 Sunshiney Day

I'm not really in the mood to narrate a blog today, so I'll just skip to the list of amusing v. not amusing things.

  • Bambi is out for a week with the clap*
  • Eyebrows' camouflage trucker hat
  • It was pretty busy tonight, 3 hours and 11 deliveries isn't that bad

Not amusing:

  • "Are you working hard or hardly working?" Hardee fucking har har.
  • "I'll just steal my neighbor's pizza..." from the guy who wasn't stealing his neighbor's pizza because it was his pizza and he was smoking a giant stinky cigar
  • A neighborhood that was obviously planned by someone who was drunk because the house numbers do not follow the block #-house# convention and change block numbers where there is no new block and don't start with house # 0 on the new, imaginary block

Today's Damn The Man: I refuse to learn what our customer service acronym stands for. There are about three posters of it around the store. I ignore them. I will not be using keywords at the door, I will not be encouraging them to order online (OtherChickDriver gave me a rundown on what they stand for, I was just barely paying attention).

* Not actual reason. I don't know the actual reason, but this one amuses me.

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