Sunday, June 14

6/12 6/13 Gelwyn and a happy day

I guess I've been a bad blogger in that I'm just now getting to writing about my last two shifts (and I'm being a bad PizzaGirl writing this at work).

I worked Friday night and everything was going decently. Bambi didn't Chicago cut one of my pizzas*, so I got stuck on cut station with her for a while. It was hot because the air conditioner in the store can't keep up. I actually had fun stuck on the cut station. It's fast-paced and hectic and requires me to work fast, no slacking. If I slack, pizzas meet floor (and no, it does not want to be their friend).

The bad part of the night came after my deliveries. Gelwyn and I were both assigned dishes and there are two acceptable ways to do this:
1) if one driver is going home significantly before the other, the first driver does all of the dishes already in the back (unless they are particularly excessive) so that the second driver ends up with the large dishes and roughly half the work
2) double-team dishes

Gelwyn chose Option 1. Except that instead of doing all of the dishes in the back she did a grand total of 6 dishes, four of which were still dirty and therefore needed rewashing. On top of that she left dishes in some of the nastiest dishwater I've ever seen.

I hereby vote Gelwyn off the island.

Yesterday was pretty slow and honestly, I was riding a happy that just wouldn't go away, so I didn't pay much attention to anything. Been chilling with Goofball as the other day driver this weekend and he's a fan of The Killers so I stuck my iPhone on loud and we rocked out while folding boxes. $40 off 10 deliveries in 8 hours.

FYI I've been coming up with the perfect playlist for delivering pizza. I'll post it once complete.

*I honestly don't get the appeal of Chicago cut pizza. There's no crust on the inner pieces with which the slice can be held without making a mess. Do Chicago people eat pizza with a fork and knife?

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Dream Girl said...

What does Chicago cut mean?

mkreckel86 said...

Haha, that's funny I actually made a mix for delivering. It's more about having the loudest fastest music I could throw on a mix that makes me wanna drive fast.

Unknown said...

Heather - Chicago cut means cut in squares. Imagine the pizza cut into 4 slices but instead of making two more cuts to turn it into 8 slices you start at the midpoint (on the crust) of each big slice and cut to the midpoint of the adjacent slice.

DeliveryBoy - Going fast in small-town Texas is a bad idea. Our cops have nothing to do but run traffic all day, so I try to pick songs that match my mood.