Tuesday, June 9

Shoutout from PizzaToday magazine on Twitter

I got to Primary job this morning to find a link to my blog in Pizza Today's Twitter stream. Yay! Upon reading the responses I discovered that I have inspired another driver to start blogging. Meet Delivery Boy. He promises that he has tons of good experiences delivering pizza and I believe him and look forward to hearing them.

P.S. Yes, I'm a little disgruntled (after all, most people don't WANT to deliver pizza) but underneath that I write about this stuff because it is thoroughly amusing (even to me). Plus, there really are good things about delivering (Did you see my blog all about the pretty cows?).


Anonymous said...

Hey, Pizza Girl!

Jeremy White of Pizza Today here. Glad you appreciated the shout-out. Me and my editorial crew love reading your blog — it's hilarious and, yes, thoroughly amusing. Keep it up.



lapp said...

Hey it is lapp from www.worstpizza.com and I really enjoy your posts!

Look forward to your next!

The Pizza Butler said...

Pizza Girl,
Great post. Keep them coming.

From The Pizza Butler