Sunday, November 23

11/22 Should I Mind My Own Business?

Yesterday was pretty stressful. StinkyButtFace went off on me. He had been gone from the store so long that I seriously thought he had been in a car accident or something. Three orders came up at the same time and they were nowhere near each other. I waited as long as possible to take them, waiting for him to get back, but he didn't, so I took them all. When I got back he comes storming out of the front door, eyes all buggy, and starts yelling at me about how I shouldn't have taken three orders if there was another driver. I tried to calmly explain what happened, but he just kept berating me, so I just walked away and ignored him. Then, later, he went off on Other Chick Driver, when she tried to take the next run up. He apparently had just gotten back from a delivery but had decided that the delivery that he just took and the next delivery up were actually a double and that because it wasn't ready when he took the first order, he got to come back and take the second order without waiting for his turn. I can tell why they kicked him out of his old store!

On the last order of the night I ran into something that has me pretty torn up. I went to the door and I could hear people inside yelling at each other. After I rang the doorbell the yelling escalated. The girl was screaming "Get your f*n hand off of me" and the guy was screaming "I'm gonna f*n kill you." I got spooked and went back to my car and dialed 911. The cops came and it turned out that no one inside got hurt. When I called El Jefe to tell him I was on my way back to the store the first thing he said was, "Did they know it was you that called the cops?" Of course I was completely flabbergasted. Was he really worried about losing a customer over the danger of me walking into a potentially dangerous situation? Honestly I probably wasn't in a whole lot of danger, however what if things hadn't gone so well, what if the pizza wasn't right or I forgot the Parmesan or something? I can definitely see that escalating badly. I'm pretty sure most drivers would have pretended like nothing was happening, so now I'm completely torn about what happened. Should I have called the police?

Some other things I saw that I don't have room to expound on:
A super fat, wheezing chihuahua
A man digging in his underwear for his wallet

Stats for Friday night...
I drove 30 miles for 6 deliveries,
made $24.26 in tips,
and essentially made $15.84 an hour.

Yesterday I...
drove 66 miles for 13 deliveries,
made $31.65 in tips*,
and essentially made $10.98 an hour.

*I'll rant on this another time, but two of my three stiffs yesterday (the third being from the delivery where I called the cops) were from Internet orders where they had either filled in a zero or skipped the field online.

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