Wednesday, November 19

11/19 What's With All the Tanning Men?

When I think of tanning-salon employees I think of blond co-eds with coral lip gloss and fake-bake's they'll regret when they're 40. When I delivered to a tanning place this evening, vapid girls is not what I found. I found four overly tanned meat-heads. Possibly body builders? Except that they were not muscular. I was super confused.

We got two new drivers tonight, hereby dubbed Eyebrows and Malibu Ken. Eyebrows is creepy looking. I probably won't let myself be in the walk-in alone with him. He has the moist look to him. Malibu Ken is actually really charming, just like you would expect a come-to life Ken-doll to be, so I think we'll get along.

Tonight I...
forgot to write down my mileage before I came into the house, so I'll tack tonight's stat's onto Friday's post.

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