Thursday, November 6

11/5 Delivery Funk

I started out my night with two non-deliveries. First thing in the door, La Jefa hands me three garlic cups and asks me to take them to some house. Three garlic cups! For free! Delivered! I can't even begin to express how ridiculous this is. Plus there was no way that I was going to get a tip for it. Next, I get a delivery for a home improvement store that shares a parking lot with us. The girl inside had to run to her locker to get more cash and I end up with a .16 tip. Lame! For the rest of the night I seemed to be in some sort of funk. I had a "keep the change" check, an exact change person who gave coins so that I would give her only dollars back and then handed me one of the dollars like it was an amazingly awesome gift from the pizza gods, and a delivery to ___Ct instead of ___Dr that I screwed up on because the house numberings are the same on every street in that neighborhood.

Then, at the end of the night I find out that for some reason they've lowered my mileage from 1.20 an order to 1.10 an order. I plan on talking to La Jefa about it ASAP but I'm not hopeful that it will change. Also, bizarrely La Jefa kept checking my orders out for me. She did this twice. I have no idea why. I always take the next order up (and whatever goes with it), so I don't know why she wouldn't trust me to check out my own orders. Maybe it's not about trust. Either way it is weird and I need to find a way to stop it.

Where I burned myself: Top of middle finger

Last night I...
Drove 38 miles for 10 deliveries,
Recieved $23.76 in tips (0 , .16 , 3 , .16 , 5.79 , 3.20 , 2.13 , 1 , 4.04 , 4.28 ),
and essentially made $15.63 an hour.

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