Sunday, November 9

11/9 Thing One and Thing Two Get It On

Tonight was fairly uneventful. La Jefa is already leaving us for another store, Rehab Driver called in so Other Chick Driver got stuck on closing, Indian Jerk's BO was particularly pungent this evening, and Thing One and Thing Two were practically humping on the make line. It wasn't as bad as I make it sound. We spent a lot of time standing around and joking. I have managed to surprise another set of coworkers with my amazing capacity for random vulgarity. Other Chick Driver told me that I look really sweet and so it cracks her up when I talk.

Where I burned myself: Injury free (for at least one night)!

Tonight I...
Drove 21.1 miles for 6 deliveries,
Worked 3 hours,
Received $16.15 in tips ( 3 , 2.04 , 4 , 3.11 , 2 , 2),
and essentially made $13.02 an hour.

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