Sunday, November 23

11/23 New Day, Same Old StinkyButtFace

I had to give myself time to chill out before coming in and writing my post for today. StinkyButtFace and I threw down once and butted heads at least three other times tonight. First he started checking out other people's orders for them. I got in his face about it and he started shouting and I tried hard not to shout but didn't really succeed. Then twice he tattle-tailed on me. I had a double and one was "Ready" on the board and I was waiting for the second to go into "Ready" status so that I could check them both out, he went and physically got El Jefe and said "She has to check that out, right?" to which I calmly turned around and addressed the manager with a polite, "I will check them both out at the same time in less than a minute." The 2nd time he got Stoner Manager. I guess he figured out that I didn't get in trouble with daddy so he'd try mommy. This was all so childish and stupid. I felt like I was back in high-school because after that I couldn't help but goad him a little bit and talk about him behind his back. Yes, I was that girl. I hate that I was that girl but something about a middle-aged mumbling Indian guy acting like a petulant middle-schooler made me revert to bitchy high-school clique girl mode.

Simple Rules for Not Pissing Off Pizza Girl
1. Don't check out my orders unless you are a manager (knowing a manager's password does not count) or I specifically ask you to, in which case I will tell you my password.
2. a) Trust that I am on top of things unless you have overwhelming evidence to the contrary.
b) If you have overwhelming evidence that I am jerking off in the back instead of paying attention to my runs, a friendly reminder will do.
3. If you have a problem with the way that I am doing things talk to me about it politely. I am fallible. I have never claimed to be otherwise.

On top of all of that for my last run El Jefe asks me to take some peppers out to a house that someone screwed up their order. It was out of my way and when I asked him about mileage reimbursement he told me that I wouldn't be getting any. So I wasted my time, gas, and tip for the actual order (they stiffed me) to take 75 cents worth of peppers to someone else's mess-up. Arghhh!

Perhaps after the new year Pizza Girl should become Bookstore Girl. This blog is what keeps me in this stupid job.

Tonight I...
Drove drove 35 miles for 6 deliveries and a non-delivery,
Made $13.55 in tips (1 , 2 , 2 , 3.44 , 5.11 , 0 , 0),
and essentially made $11.95 an hour.

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Ms. Boydstun said...

I loved being Bookstore Girl. Loved it. I think maybe someday I will no longer be High School Teacher Girl, and go back to my first true love, Books.