Wednesday, February 4

2/4 Bambi Bopper's Big Cut-Station Debut

Imagine Bambi Bopper (formerly Dumb Bopper; She's still dumb, but the deer-in-the-headlights look she gets and the alliteration are just too much for me not to memorialize) and Skinny Bopper standing around the cut station.  Pizzas are coming out at a moderate pace; One good driver could handle the flow by themselves.  Now picture a pizza coming out that has no home.  This pizza has tomatoes.  Bambi Bopper stares at the pizza for a second , stares at the boxes, makes a motion like she's going to pick a box but none of them indicate a pizza that has tomatoes, stares at the pizza again, stares into space, stares at the boxes again (squinting this time just to make sure that none of them say tomatoes), stares at the pizza again, thinks about asking someone if there should be a box, stares at Skinny Bopper, stares at the pizza again.  Meanwhile, Skinny Bopper is helping on the cut station.  She is in charge of getting the pizzas from the oven to the table.  So while Bambi Bopper has gone tharn (I just finished reading Watership Down, so sorry if you don't get the reference), Skinny Bopper is taking the pizzas out of the oven and lining them up in a neat line behind (to left of ) the tomato pizza.  Meanwhile, MonkeyWrench and I are standing at the driver station with our backs to the cut station, because we are laughing so hard.  Finally, Stoner Manager realizes that no pizzas are getting into boxes and goes to the rescue of his perplexed darling.  It turns out that the stickers for that order didn't print, which really was a gift from the Pizza Gods because it made my night a lot more amusing.

In case you don't believe me about the deer-in-the-headlights look:
We have a new kind of box for our wings.  They're rectangular instead of square.  Bambi Bopper and Happy Bopper were standing around folding boxes and Bambi gets the look and says, "Do the flaps go in or out?" and Happy Bopper, obviously caught off guard, says, "Why would the flaps go outside?"

Boppers never cease to amuse me.  Except when I'm actually trying to get something done.  Which tonight I was not.

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KevinL said...

Watership Down is a GREAT book!