Friday, February 13

2/12 Musings

The following things do not belong on a pizza:
  • Anchovies - what are we killer whales?
  • Fresh tomatoes - because they are gross and difficult to make pretty when cutting the pizza
  • Ricotta cheese sauce - it has the consistency of runny snot and has mystery red flakes in it
God bless the person who thought to put the following on a pizza:
  • Bacon - no explanation needed
  • chicken - somehow chicken, cheese, and tomato sauce is just a delicious combination
  • Jalapenos - now if I could just get someone to find a way to work in a salsa pizza sauce
Made $41 last night on 10 deliveries, which means I averaged exactly $3 in tips per delivery. We were busy again. I don't know if it's that we are short-staffed or that we're unusually busy this week. It seems that whenever they schedule more people, we end up being dead slow.

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