Thursday, February 5

2/5 The Defeat of my Archnemesis

Tonight StinkyButtFace got fired by Stoner Manager.  Stinky has a sneaky way of inflating his tips, he rips the total sticker off of the box and tells the customer a higher total than their real total at the door.  For example, tonight's customer's order was $28.99 and he told them $29.99 so that he could pocket the extra dollar.  This particular customer called to complain about it and Stoner Manager finally got fed up with being forced to cover for Stinky stealing from customers (this isn't the first time he's pulled a stunt like this).  Apparently Stoner Manager called and gave El Jefe a him-or-me ultimatum and El Jefe chose Stoner Manager...for now.  Stinky is going in tomorrow to talk to El Jefe (and presumably plead for his job back).