Saturday, February 21

2/21 Carryout for Jesus

Amusing things tonight:
  • On my way to work, I stopped at the local convenience store and saw the following advertisement and thought, "What do you get when your cow is a lesbian?" and then I thought, "What do you get when you milk a gay?"
  • Happy Bopper razzing Caveman for the time he was working cut station and came on an order for Jesus (hey-sue-s) and yelled, "Carryout for Jesus."
  • Bambi Bopper had on ridiculous eyeliner, she had drawn lashes on both her top and lower lids.  I was reminded of the makeup in "A Clockwork Orange".  
  • A couple of giant simulated sheep in someone's yard.  There was a mama and baby, they had fallen over.  I wish I had a picture.
  • A hat with sequins.
  • A pink convertible.
Just one thing didn't amuse me, Mustache Manager was opening and she never stopped complaining and she took a thousand ciggy breaks.

I made $54 off of 14 deliveries (averaging $2.04 tip per delivery).

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