Sunday, February 15

2/13, 2/14 Nothing Says Love Like Fungus

***WARNING***at some point during the following rant I may curse....a lot.

It seems like the last couple of days the Pizza Gods have been on a mission to piss me off.  Friday night they let the boppers on the cut station again.  What was cute once, was not cute in encore.  First I caught Bambi boxing garlic Parmesan breadsticks in a box for a plain cheese pizza.  Then they didn't put any dipping sauce in my wings.  On my way to that delivery I was venting to Other Chick Driver that it would be ironic if they didn't sauce the actual wings.  When I got to the delivery I decided to check, because you really can't take anything for granted when the boppers are fucking things up.  They hadn't put any sauce on the wings whatsoever!  So I had to go back to the store, sauce the wings, then make another trip out to the house.  I was sooooooo pissed off!

Last night I was scheduled till 8.  It was Valentine's Day so we were selling a ton of retarded heart-shaped pizzas.  Nothing says love like a mushroom heart pizza; you know that guy got laid last night.  Anyway, we were super busy so I took deliveries until 8:30 thinking that I would come back, stock the Pepsi cooler (as was my posted end-of-night job) and make it to a movie.  Instead, as I was going to stock the Pepsi cooler I find out that they posted the real end-of-night jobs and I have dishes.  Dishes had been getting neglected all day, so nothing was done, practically every dish in the store was dirty, and I was Pissed.  At 10:15 I finally bitch at ArmyCook enough that if his fucking closing drivers had enough time to stand around eating chicken strips and yapping they had enough time to do the dishes since I as supposed to get off at 8 and he (or El Jefe) had already completely fucked up my Valentine's Day by not doing their job and posting end-of-night jobs in a timely manner.  Had I know I had dishes I would have started them at 7 or 7:30 at the latest.  Here's a big shoutout to BigBlack who also had dishes and, despite the fact that his back was killing him, was an awesome team-mate and put up with my griping and understands my hatred of floaties.

Some bright spots:
  • Christmas lights in a bush.  They weren't turned on, but the light reflecting off the street light made them sparkle a little and it was surprisingly beautiful.
  • Clouds that looked like Jupiter's.
  • A man wearing a black long-sleeved shirt that on second look had little pink and purple flower appliques on the collar.
How I injured myself:
  • I slammed my head into the corner of the drivers table while standing up from picking up my driver-ticket off the floor.  I hit it so hard I cried a little.

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