Friday, February 20

2/19 Skipping Work

I didn't go to work last night. I called in partly because my head was killing me (a lady at my primary job was wearing soooooo much perfume that I thought I was going to pass out) and partly because I am extremely burnt out.

Since I obviously couldn't order delivery for dinner, I decided to pick up some pizza from my local Papa Murphy's. I was severely disappointed by some of the changes they've made since the last time I was there. First, they have greatly reduced their selection. I went in, fully intending to try something new and different, but instead of the multitude of alternative options that were previously offered, there were two or three. I ended up trying the DeLite Mediterranean Pizza. On top of that, they have stopped doing a pizza of the week special and started having set combos.

The food quality has also suffered during their corporatization. The crust on my pepperoni was cheaper tasting, instead of being thicker and chewy it was thinner with less edge. The DeLite (which I had never tried before) was not even as good as my store's thin crust (which I generally don't like) and was actually rather hard on the edges rather than just crunchy or crispy. Even the ingredients have suffered; the dried tomatoes were super-salty (meaning there was nothing to balance the salty cheese and salty chicken), the pepperoni was greasier and less tasty, the cheese was less plentiful.

I realize that cutting corners is necessary sometimes (we've stopped carrying a couple of the special sauces that we used to offer on pizza and our new wing-saucing methedology is far from perfect) but it should never happen at the expense of a quality dining experience.

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